Tydzień Astrologiczny – Force of the Abyss

Tydzień Astrologiczny Force of the Abyss

Zgarnij 1 z 5 kodów na 5% zniżki na dowolne pudełko do Armii Force of the Abyss z gry Kings of War!

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A 6 listopada lecimy z pokazami, a już 11.11. będzie pierwszy turniej na 800 punktów na nową edycję!

Forces of the Abyss Succubi Regiment


If the Lower Abyssals represent the worst nightmares of mortals, the Succubi represent their basest desires. Their outward form is tailored to be aesthetically pleasing, luring their enemies close so that they may be torn apart at the Succubi’s leisure.

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Forces of the Abyss Mega Army (2017)


Mass incursions of the forces of the Abyss are thankfully rare, for when they do happen, the suffering is terrible. Pouring forth in waves of demonic creatures on foot and in the air, an Abyssal horde may only ever be stopped at great cost and after much bloodshed.

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Forces of the Abyss Abyssal Champion


In the eternal conflict that is life in the Abyss, a champion will sometimes rise from the ranks of the Lower Abyssals, biting and clawing his way to the top over the bodies of his rivals. Life is cruel in the nether-realm these creatures inhabit, and any who rise above their fellows are crueler still.

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Forces of the Abyss Lower Abyssal Horde


Lower Abyssals often fight in large groups, moving forward as one barely cohesive mass of bodies, eager to overwhelm and murder their enemies. When faced in small numbers, these creatures are terrifying. When grouped as a horde, they are unstoppable.

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Forces of the Abyss Lower Abyssal Regiment


These weakest of the creatures of the Abyss are wicked, cunning and vicious. Their unnatural speed and strength is terrifying to any who face them. Though concepts like ‘regiment’ are lost on their savage minds, they are often witnessed to bunch together in small groups, though whether for their own safety or simply to overwhelm the foe is not often clear.

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Forces of the Abyss Mau’ti-bu-su, Abyssal Temptress


Alluring and deadly, Mau’Ti-Bu-Su seeks a powerful artifact for her infernal masters. She has easily infiltrated the world of mortals, bending them to her will with ease and killing them when they are no longer of use to her.

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Forces of the Abyss Archfiend of the Abyss


Favoured of the wicked ones, and the only creatures in the ranks of the Abyssal Hordes able to communicate directly with them. The Fiends act as commanders to the warhosts, and may take a myriad of powerful forms, from large winged creatures to bloated behemoths of evil.

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Potężny zestaw dla Mistrza Gry / Mistrza Podziemi. Zawiera elementy, które są użyteczne w każdej grze fantasy – od elementów scenerii, drzwi, stołów, beczek itp. po figurki bohaterów (4 postacie) i przeciwników (od orków, goblinów, przez demony i umarlaki aż po smoka).

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