Marvel Crisis Protocol – Ms. Marvel


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Potężna Ms. Marvel jest gotowa do walki!

The mighty Ms. Marvel enters the battles of Marvel: Crisis Protocol! Once a normal Pakistani-American girl in New Jersey with an obsession with Carol Danvers, Terrigenesis granted her the morphogenetic power to alter her appearance, regenerate from injuries, elongate her body, and alter her mass at will. Now known as Ms. Marvel, she adds her strength to groups of heroes like the Avengers, where her idealist attitude and encyclopedic knowledge of heroes comes in handy.

This pack adds Ms. Marvel to players’ teams with two different miniatures: a normal Ms. Marvel and an embiggened Ms. Marvel that possesses its own unique set of abilities. Already powerful in either form, two Team Tactic Cards allow Ms. Marvel to team up with other heroes to form their own potent combinations.

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