Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – Capital Rules Expansion – EN


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Capitol Hill, once the beating heart of these United States of America, now nothing more than a bleached ruin, a testament to the days lost to nuclear armageddon. Great monuments of the American dream have been torn down and replaced with an ever shifting war zone between Scavenger and Survivor, Raider and Super Mutant. Where once level heads and diplomacy won the day, we now see nothing more civilized than a rapid exchange of gunfire to settle an argument.

Welcome to the Capital Wasteland! The newest Region Ruleset for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare that brings you another dose of hectic skirmish warfare hosted on Capitol Hill. Here we dive deep into the world of Fallout 3, focusing on the never-ending conflict between the shadowy Enclave and the heroic Brotherhood of Steel, as well as the numerous characters that make the Capital Wasteland such a fascinating, if dangerous place to visit.

Firstly, stepping out to reclaim the Wastes from the mutants, raiders, and monsters, we see a new selection of Enclave Troops on the move, bedecked in never-before-seen armor, perfect for working out of sight. Countering them at every turn though, the Brotherhood of Steel, led by the Lyons Pride fight to protect the Capital from the efforts of their enigmatic foes.

All the while, the survivors who call Capitol Hill home do what they can. Domesticated Deathclaws, power armored soldiers, men and women clash to decide the final fate of the Capital, but which side are you on?

In addition to a swath of marvellous miniatures, the Capital Wasteland rules bring with them new cards, painting guides and scenarios! As well as two brand new additions to the game, Vault-Tec approved lists and Regional Rules cards, both designed to give you the quickest to-the-table play experience so far, these additions simplify set-up and allow you to get more games in!

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